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"Using Travel Agents is the Future"

With the rise of online travel shopping, many people have forgotten the advantages of visiting their local travel agents when thinking about booking a holiday. TV presenter Eamonn Holmes tells This Morning viewers that "using travel agents is the future".

In a recent segment on This Morning , TV presenter Eamonn Holmes advised ITV viewers to consider booking their next trip with a travel agent, following the countless Covid-related travel issues that have occurred due to the pandemic.

He said, “You know what this does to me? This makes me think surely from here on in, it strengthens the hand of travel agents,” as he was discussing the topic with The Independent’s Simon Calder.

“The old fashioned thing where you could lift up the phone and call your local travel agent and say ‘look, what’s happening?’ and you’ve got a point of reference."

Calder agreed, saying instead of booking online or waiting at the end of a telephone line, holidaymakers could “just walk down the high street” for advice and reassurance, and they couldn't be more right! We love it when you visit us in our branch and our team of experienced agents can help you plan and book your next holiday with ease.

He went on to say “The more we get through this horrible, horrible crisis, the more it’s clear that booking a proper package holiday, through a real human travel agent who you can look straight in the eye, is a really good way to maximise your protection when things start going a little bit wrong,”. We are able to offer assurances and help you to resolve issues if anything unfortunate were to happen before, during or after your trip.

Holmes ended the piece by telling viewers he believed booking with a travel agent was “the future” amid constant uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was seen as the past - but it’s the future,” he said.

Here at Premier Travel reigate, we understand and appreciate that we are living through unprecedented times and so you may have reservations about booking your next trip, however, we want to assure you that we can offer holiday protection, which means you can book with the confidence that if circumstances change, you will be free to change your plans or get your money back.

Want to learn more or book your next adventure?

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